About Mercuri Cuisine

Mercuri Cuisine is an industry leader in the airline, train catering solutions industry, as well as institutional and hospitality provisioning service industries. With specialization in on-board and airport lounge food service. Our mission is to continue to innovate and revolutionize the passenger experience in both on and off-board catering and provisioning services. The team offers a higher standard of quality to high volume catering services. Determined to offer restaurant grade meals to airlines, rail, and prepared food catering services by combining the quality of restaurant service to high volume meal preparation. Mercuri Cuisine offers its customers a higher standard, taking the consumers satisfaction to heart.

Our team of executive chefs, all bring a wealth of culinary knowledge with extensive background in restaurant service. We continue to challenge our team of experts to develop menus with modern, on-trend food offerings, aimed at enhancing the overall passenger expectations and satisfaction. The passenger is at the forefront of all our menu design, and creation. We are driven by our motto to make memorable meals fly.

Our operational logistics team ensures our procedures are standardized across the supply chain. Mercuri Cuisine’s success is attributed to its unprecedented standard for quality assurance, food safety protocols, and traceability. We are continuing to grow our facilities to provide the highest efficiency level of logistical operations. Our facility is HACCP licensed and approved with consumer protection of integral priority. Also, we now have the CFIA accreditation.

Mercuri Cuisine’s market share continues to grow, with repeat customer and client referrals. We have the ability to service institutional sectors, including corporate and government bodies. We ensure we have a product line customized with industry versatility without compromising quality. Our team of chefs are qualified professionals able to prepare and customize menus for every unique customer need and budget.

Our passion for culinary innovation and commitment to operational excellence enables us to service hospitality sectors, assisting in menu design, consistency, and cost-effective initiatives to stream-line operations. We are dedicated to assist in enhancing the overall customer experience and create new revenue generation opportunities.

Mercuri Cuisine is committed to ensuring its customers set a new precedent for a meal experience, forever enhancing the on-board dining experience.

The Mercuri Team